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Buy Mobile Gift Cards

Buy mobile gift cards

Boost Sales

  • Create loyal customers from passionate fundraisers
  • Employ low cost marketing with big results

Raise Your Profile

  • Communicate
  • Connect with a mobile gift card App or e-Voucher

Develop Your Brand

  • Link your business brand to social good
  • Enjoy increased customer appreciation and loyalty

What Businesses get from TWYNE™

  • Improved sales • Low costs
  • Measureable Returns
  • Positive Brand Image - link to grass roots social programs
  • Mobile Gift Card sales
  • Promotional e-Vouchers
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What Fundraisers get from TWYNE™

  • Business Partners to help raise funds
  • Mobile Gift cards and voucher sales, geared to your program
  • Crowd funding platform
  • E-Mail campaign of warm supporters
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Cost Effective Advertising Tools That Fit Your Program

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